Gourmet donut shops

The days of going to a doughnut shop and choosing between an eclair, honey glaze and chocolate sprinkles are over. Gourmet doughnut shops are popping up noticeably on the west coast and across the nation, gaining cult followings of loyal patrons that will at times wait for hours to get their favorite pastry.

Why have doughnuts garnered such immense popularity?
Doughnuts, at least in the United States, have evolved into an artisan creation. Baking courses online are a good place to learn the specifics of this art, which has expanded in a number of directions. Variety is one of the reasons this pastry craze has taken hold. Shops such as Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, Oregon, create ornate, decorative doughnuts with peculiar toppings like M&Ms, various cereals, and bacon. Voodoo has even collaborated with Rogue Brewing Co. to create a beer that includes their doughnut flavors. They notoriously have a line of people waiting down the street at all hours of the day. These inventive and artful toppings create a dessert that has a pleasing display.

Another factor is flavor. Blue Star Donuts, another Portland doughnut shop, creates elaborate flavors such as blueberry bourbon basil and blackberry compote peanut butter powder. Diverse and dense flavor profiles have turned doughnuts into an innovative platform for pastry chefs to showcase their talents.

Amalgamations of food have also developed new hype around traditional pastries. Slightly over a year ago, New York City pastry chef Dominique Ansel invented the Cronut, a croissant and doughnut combination. Since then, Ansel’s invention has increased bakery sales, made television appearances and  stirred up food trends.

The doughnut shop no longer has connotations as a place to get a quick sugar fix on the way to work. Instead doughnut shops are transforming into boutique bakeries that continue to expand in style and flavor.

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