Google’s Top 2014 Culinary Search Trends

When Googled released their top search trends of the year, 2014 edition, they noted some culinary trends. From the top searched beers and cocktails to recipes and diets, people attending online chef programs have likely encountered these popular trends over the past year:

The years top five diet trends include the paleo, Atkins, gluten free, Mediterranean and the dash diet. The paleo diethas been cited as a cause for losing weight, improving libido, eliminating acne, improved mental and athletic performance and lowered risk of heart disease, diabetes and other chronic degenerative diseases. The plan consists of fruits, vegetables, lean meats and seafood, nuts and seeds and healthy fats. Processed foods, sugars, grains, dairy, legumes, starches and alcohol are not allowed. This is the second year paleo has topped the Google diet searches. Famous celebrities from Jessica Biel and Megan Fox to Jack Osbourne all tried and raved about this diet.

The top five recipes that were Googled in 2014 include: chicken, meatloaf, banana bread, pancakes and chili. When using Google to search “chicken recipes,” the most prevalent site is where the top five chicken recipes include “Chicken Pot Pie IX,” “Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplins,” “Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Soup,” “Chicken Cordon Bleu ll” and “Baked Teriyaki Chicken.” That’s a whole lot of white meat.

Google also noted the top trends in alcohol. The top five cocktail searches included margaritas, martinis, sangria, mojitos and mimosas. There is a lot of debate over where the margarita was invented but according to Smithsonian Magazine, supposedly Carlos “Danny” Herrera created a margarita at his restaurant, Rancho La Gloria in 1938. Another possible beginning was with Margarita Dames, an affluent Dallas woman who claimed to create it in 1948 at her vacation house, which Tommy Hilton happened to be a visitor of. He added the drink to his hotel menus afterwards.

The top five Googled beers are Budweiser, Corona, Keystone, Miller and Blue Moon. According to USA Today, the biggest news from top beer search term Budweiser is that the famous Clydesdales will not be featured in the main holiday advertising this year. They have been replaced by 20-somethings telling the camera who they’d like to share a bud with during the holidays. The horses will not be gone for long, they will make an appearance in the responsible drinking ads during the holidays and will star in ads for the upcoming Super Bowl.

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