Giada de Laurentiis' "Recipe For Adventure" Books Bring The Love Of Food To Your Kids

If your kids are too young to take an online culinary course, but you still want them to learn basic cooking skills, celebrity chef Giada de Laurentiis’ new series of children​’s books can be a great resource for helping them become foodies. Nowadays, many adults learn to cook online, but if you can help kids develop skills from a young age, they will be able to use their knowledge to make preparing and eating healthy foods a staple in their lives.

Called “Recipe for Adventure,” the book series follows siblings Emilia and Alfie on a journey through food-centric cities around the world. For inspiration, De Laurentiis looked to her own upbringing and the large role that cuisine played in her childhood.

“I come from a big Italian family, and if there is one thing they love more than food, it is storytelling – very often interrelated,” De Laurentiis told NBC. “I loved listening to my grandfather’s elaborate tales of all the places he had been and all the food he had tasted along the way, and I couldn’t wait to explore and see and take in all those amazing places he talked about.”

With the books in tow, kids will be able to have a new appreciation for food and world cultures. So far, De Laurentiis has released books on Paris and Naples for the series.

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