Gadget Geek: Eggs

The homework for a student taking baking courses online will require a lot of eggs. Try these helpful gadgets to keep your eggs fresh, whole and properly contained:

The Egg Minder:
This plastic egg container has LED lights that keep track of how old the eggs are. The container is connected to an app on your smartphone that will track the eggs’ ages as well as alert you when you are running low. This is super helpful for those who tend to run to the store and, once in the egg isle, panic wondering if they need to get more. Just check your app and you’ll know how many you have and when they’ll no longer be usable.

The egg piercer:
For just $2.49 you can easily pierce any egg without damaging the rest of shell. This tiny hole will help to keep the egg from breaking when you boil it. This clever device looks just like a plastic cross-section of an egg, yolk and all. You place the raw egg on the yolk part of the piercer and press down lightly. It’s like hole-punching a piece of paper. If you twist the yolk part of the device it will lock, which is helpful when there are children in the household and will prevent any accidents from happening when the device is placed in a utensil drawer.

The egg container:
If you are a chef who frequents the farmers’ market, you’ll love a stay-fresh container from The Container Store. The design mimics an egg carton that you’d find at the store but is made of plastic and can be reused over and over. This container is great for getting eggs right from the source and preventing the use of wasteful containers like Styrofoam or cardboard. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe and BPA-free.

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