How To Make Chocolate Boxes

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Once you’ve learned how to master the art of tempering chocolate, a plethora of yummy dessert recipes await your eager expertise. One of our favorites of these cocoa concoctions is the chocolate box. Different than a box of chocolates, the chocolate box is made of pure tempered chocolate. It’s a beautiful presentation for any dessert needs and can be filled with fresh fruit, dried fruit, liqueurs, sauces, any flavor mousse or even some smaller chocolates. And, depending on the circumstances, you can even make them to hide lovely little presents for the holidays coming up. Do something unique, fun and absolutely delicious as a way to say thank you to friends, family, neighbors and loved ones.

In this online cooking class, we’re teaching you how to make some delicious and beautiful chocolate boxes. These little guys can be a great stocking stuffer, teacher gift or even a fabulous dessert to serve at your family feast.

Chocolate Boxes Recipe

1. Cut a bottom , top and 4 sides for the box out of thick clear food grade plastic.
2. Spread a thick layer of chocolate over the plastic and then pick the pieces up using a spatula and place them on a clean tray
3. After the chocolate has set, peel off the plastic
4. To assemble the box pipe the chocolate on the bottom edge and stand the sides up one at a time, piping the chocolate on the edge of the sides to hold them together.
5. Allow the box to set and cool and then with a sharp knife trim the excess off the sides and bottom.
6. Pipe a white chocolate design or desired decoration on the top of the box.
7. Fill the box with chocolates, cookies, berries or chocolate dipped strawberries or any desired miniature sweets and place the lid on top.

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