Exploring Brazilian Cuisine

Brazilians are known for their excellent national soccer team, gorgeous sandy beaches  and love for dancing, but few people realize Brazilian cuisine is among the best in the world. Many dishes are rich in both sweet and savory flavors and have international influences. Whether you are a student taking online culinary courses or a foodie who hasn’t tried any South American cuisine yet, check out these delicious Brazilian meals:

Coxinhas – This appetizer features small fried dumplings usually filled with chicken and a rich, creamy cheese called catupiry. This can be considered the Brazilian equivalent to fried mac n cheese balls with chicken.

Brigadeiro – Birgadeiro is a dessert made of chocolate truffles. The confectionery treat uses condensed milk and is covered in chocolate sprinkles.

Feijoada – Feijoada is widely considered to be the national dish of Brazil. The recipe includes ingredients like black beans, rice, and a variety of pork cuts. Feijoadas were invented by slaves brought from Africa during the colonization of the country. Because they did not have access to the best cuts of meat, the slaves had to improvise. Originally, every part of the pig was used – from the ears, tail to feet and nose. Today, chefs serve feijoada with sliced oranges, manioc, rice, shredded greens and various sausages.

Cachaça – Brazil’s most popular native liquor is also known as aguardente.  One of the main ingredients of cachaça is sugarcane. It is often used in the caipirinha (aguardente, caster sugar, fresh lime and crushed ice) the traditional Brazilian alcoholic cocktail.

Farofa – This flour-based dish uses cassava to create a rich texture. Common recipes include ingredients like eggs, bacon and different types of cheese. The mixture is often sprinkled over beans and rice.

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