Escoffier Cook’s Companion Named Top Cooking Application

We were recently featured in Wired magazine for our work on one of the best cooking apps for seasoned chefs. No matter if you run your own restaurant, work in the kitchen or are just looking for a little guidance while exploring the culinary arts on your own, the Escoffier Cook’s Companion app is download away from being your mobile reference tool for any of your cooking concerns.

We all have a need to be proficient in the kitchen simply because we need to eat. Like most other industries though, its own little dialect has developed which may not be conducive for those looking to learn on their own. While past generations would spend hours in the kitchen with their parents or professional mentors, the age we live in simply doesn’t allow all of us to develop a glossary of culinary terms for a part-time hobby or afford us the time to look the information up if a customer is waiting on their meal.

That is why we are proud to offer Escoffier Cook’s Companion for free, regardless if you are a student of our online cooking school. Our application is the go-between that facilitates the understanding between you and the possibly archaic measurements and suggested cooking utensils in your parents’ old cookbooks. Even if the equipment you have doesn’t apply to the particular instructions, the built-in converter will alter the measurements to work with what you have on hand. It is more than simply a tool for calculation, even though it does keep track of the multiple timers needed to properly prepare a full-course meal. It is a guide containing a database of obscure terminology so if you run into terms like “feathering” or “emulsify”, they won’t throw off your rhythm in the kitchen.

Escoffier Cook’s Companion is helpful for novices, but can truly be used to its full potential by seasoned professionals as their own personal under-chef. With pictures and advice on how to identify and prepare hundreds of different ingredients, it will make sure you are never lost at the prep station. Our app also has tips for how to handle any of the equipment in your kitchen and advice on how to clean and store these expensive items to make sure you can continue to use them for in the years to come. For anyone who is skeptical, we ask that they give our personal cooking assistant a try. It’s free to download, so what do you have to lose? Don’t forget to view other culinary apps offed by Escoffier Online.

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