Dishes From Switzerland: Raclette

Raclette is a Swiss dish that dates back to 1291 and was formerly called bratchas. Farmers would place a block of cheese near a campfire until it became warm, consuming it with potatoes or pickles. A firm and pungent cheese, raclette originated in southwestern Switzerland and later became popular in France, Germany, Finland and Austria. If you love learning about international food consider learning the proper way to prepare a raclette meal.

While also the name of a dish, raclette is a type of cheese which is a light yellow and has a small brown-orange rind. The dish was originally enjoyed with cheese and potatoes but is now generally paired with bread. When heated the cheese becomes a perfect creamy consistency and separates without eliminating any oil.

Raclette cheese is usually spread on a small slice of bread and paired with vegetables. Special grills and machines are used to melt the cheese. Once the cheese softens, it is poured over bread and enjoyed with meat, fish or vegetables.

It’s amazing how some wine, cheese, meats and vegetables can make for a simple, filling and delicious meal!

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