Toaster Strudel’s Affair With Twitter

Your inner child and artist can gloat at the new opportunity Pillsbury is presenting to all consumers who buy their Toaster Strudel. If you love sharing your online cooking school experience on various social media sites by checking into restaurants via Foursquare or taking Instagram photos of your food, keep reading! Pillsbury recently announced a new initiative aimed at increasing the company’s presence on social media networking site Twitter, according to Mashable.

How does it work?
Pillsbury and Toaster Strudel lovers can log onto their Twitter accounts and respond to the question “How do you get your morning moving?” with the hashtag #StrudelArt as the last portion of their tweet. There is no limit to the amount of times users can submit entries to the question. The official handle for the campaign is @ToasterStrudel.

Hans Strudel, Pillsbury Toaster Strudel’s newest brand ambassador character, will then choose his favorite tweets. For those of us who are not familiar with marketing tactics, a handful of members on the Pillsbury team will actually select tweets to be automatically iced onto a pastry, photographed and then sent to the user via Twitter. The Strudel Dudeler is a machine invented for the campaign which automatically takes tweets and turns them into artwork.

“This event is an exciting way for us to connect with our fans in real time. We all know how hectic the morning time can be, so we’re excited to bring Hans Strudel, his culture, and the Strudel Dudeler machine to people everywhere,” says John Williams III, marketing manager for Pillsbury Toaster Strudel. “For years, we’ve seen people decorating their Toaster Strudel pastries in fun ways, and now they have a chance to get their own customized strudel to help get their mornings moving.”

Pillsbury and social media
A few weeks ago Pillsbury Toaster Strudel did not have an official social media presence. As the brand created Twitter and Facebook accounts they launched the StrudelArt Twitter campaign in hopes of increasing their online following. A strong social media presence can enhance the product’s sales and build brand loyalty.

The newest marketing initiative by Pillsbury takes a new spin to an already existing product. While the actual Toaster Strudel has not changed here, fans have an opportunity to interact with the brand and forever have the bragging rights of their message appearing on a Pillsbury product.

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