Discover Wine With Chef Mark

Wine is a popular and important item to be served with a meal. When planning for a dinner party a lot of thought often goes into what type of beverage will be served with the dinner. Some might choose their favorite wine, others might pick out the most expensive and some might pair it appropriately with what they are serving. If you are planning on serving wine at your dinner party discover how to store and serve the wine and learn about the history of it to share with guest.

Before your party try hosting your own wine pairings and tastings to see what your friends enjoy and to brush up on new wines.  To get started with your discovery watch Chef Mark Dowling give a lesson on a few of his favorite wines which include: Beringer Vineyards – White Zinfandel, Robert Mondavi- Fumé Blanc and La Crema- Pinot Noir. Start planning your next party today!

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