Pairing Wine With Vegetarian Dishes

Finding the right wine to go with your tasting menu or favorite recipe is one of the most fun skills you can learn as you’re taking online culinary courses.

Although it’s usually pretty easy to pair meat courses with wine, veggies are very diverse, so it can be a little tricky to find the right vino for your dish. Thankfully, knowing about the flavors of your vegetable and how they relate to your wine can make things a bit easier for you as you continue to learn to cook online.

Green veggies: The natural leanness of green vegetables makes for a perfect pairing with fuller white wines like chardonnay or Chablis.

Mushrooms and potatoes: For earthier vegetables like these, you’ll want to grab a glass of pinot noir due to its mild flavor.

Tomatoes: Naturally acidic dishes with tomato need a wine that can stand up to their powerful notes. Mild acidic reds like Chianti, Rioja or Beaujolais and whites like sauvignon blanc pair wonderfully with tomatoes.

Salad with creamy dressing: Food and Wine magazine says that the rich, buttery flavors of chardonnay pair great with ranch or Caesar dressings.

Salad with vinaigrette: The natural acid in these types of dressings pair wonderfully with an albariño​ blend.

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