Del Taco Debuts "Epic" Burritos

Whether you are studying at the library or sitting at your desk taking online culinary classes, at some point in your education you will probably have had a late-night pang for Mexican food. The California-based taco chain Del Taco aims to please those individuals who have an above-average appetite for Mexican fare and created a line of epic burritos that is sure to please.

The new additions to the Del Taco menu are monstrosities that come in three varieties: the epic fajita, steak and potato, and the epic chipotle chicken ranch.

The epic fajita features grilled chicken or steak. Fresca lime rice is added to the meat, along with black beans, sour cream and fire-roasted bell peppers. You can also add corn, guacamole, pinto beans and cotija cheese.

The steak and potato is aptly named due to those being the primary ingredients, but the potatoes come in fry-form and the combination is smothered in sour cream and cheese, and topped with bacon.

The chipotle chicken ranch is loaded with tender, grilled chicken slathered with chipotle and ranch sauces. You can add bacon pieces, freshly-grated cheddar cheese and crisp lettuce for extra texture. Guacamole, homemade pico de gallo salsa and rice are extra fixings as well.

The move from Del Taco is an attempt to take a bit of the burrito market from fast/casual restaurants like Chipotle and El Famous Burritos. As part of the initial promotion of these new products, Del Taco is offering a free medium drink with each order. At 18 ounces, the Epic line of burritos averages a good 2 ounces heavier than Del Taco’s biggest burrito, the Macho Burrito.

Del Taco has over 500 locations in states such as Texas, North Carolina, Arizona, Illinois, Nevada, Maryland, Tennessee and Florida.

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