Creating Culinary Dishes For Foodies

Have you ever thought about who influences the new recipes you learn in your online culinary school program? As you make cutting-edge dishes that are trending at the moment, what qualities do you use to decipher if you prefer a particular food over another? As food developers come up with new products, they keep taste in mind but also pay attention to trending ingredients, cuisines and dietary restrictions.

A look into food tasting
Picture this: A group of foodies gathered around a company’s conference room ready to try some of the newest items on the market. With small plastic cups nearby incase they need to spit, developers are well aware of the fact that a product might not be ready for release. Tasting meetings occur early in the morning because that is when your palate is free of other items.

Sometimes these meetings can go on all day with variations of the same food. Grocery store retailers and marketing professionals trying to sell food products to consumers use this tactic to release new items on grocery store shelves. A restaurant will also host a similar group when introducing new dishes on their menu.

While this process is not revolutionary and has occurred for quite some time among food innovators, it is becoming increasingly important to remain up to par with current food trends, as consumers are quick to discover the newest cuisines. Foodies often dictate which products will sell and therefore companies must stay atop the hottest cooking trends.

How developers gain inspiration
The inspiration for new culinary items can come from food trucks, international cuisines, restaurants or a play on kid-friendly food. A pastry professional may visit a handful of bakeries in a different city or state to find any common themes such as popular ingredients or new variants of a dessert.

“We are in an environment where consumers are so much more educated about the food they’re consuming,” said Robert Carter, director of food service at NPD Group, according to The Globe and Mail. “That’s having a real impact on the types of products being launched in the market.”

As food aficionados chase popular and trending cuisines, big brands are changing their cooking styles and products to further cater to their audiences. Food developers constantly attend food shows and dine at restaurants in order to gain inspiration and keep up with trends.

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