Top Food Trends In 2014

Everyone in the culinary arts industry, especially a student currently taking online culinary courses, knows how important it is to be creative and passionate about their work. In order to stand out, you have to constantly be thinking outside the box or revamping old recipes, flavors and techniques to get people talking and excited about food. In 2014, consumers have seen a wide spectrum of over-the-top cooking, created to spark the imagination of foodies and entrepreneurs across the U.S. and around the world. Here are just a few experiments in food that have caused a stir in culinary circles:

The Monkey-style burger
Spawned from the creative geniuses at the famous California-based restaurant chain In-and-Out, this heart-stopping burger is piled high with In-and-Out’s Animal fries. Extra gooey cheese and a special sauce is added for even more deliciousness.

The everything bacon burger
Looking and tasting exactly as it sounds, Slater’s 50 50 in California created the Everything Bacon burger representing the pinnacle of burger and bacon collaboration. The patty is 100 percent bacon. Pork rinds and bacon are infused into the bun and then sprinkled on top. The tomato used for garnish is grilled in bacon fat. Even the onions have a little bit of bacon flavor added to them.

Milky buns
The Cream Team, creators of the Milky Bun, found a way to infuse ice cream into freshly-made delectable donuts. Their Cookie Monster is a version of cookies and cream that includes Oreos, Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies, peanuts, and vanilla and fudge swirl ice cream.

Brazilian cuisine
The World Cup will be held in Brazil this year, and hundreds of thousands of people will be exposed to the amazing world of Brazilian cuisine. Some of the most famous entrees in traditional Brazilian food are the fejioada completa, a national dish that is made of a stew of beans and tender smoked meats, and moqueca, a seafood stew that is prepared with palm oil and coconut milk. Customers who order fejioada completa usually get an order of rice, sauteed collard greens and farofa as well.

Fermenting products have been an essential part of many culinary practices for generations. However, only recently has fermentation reached trending status. Fish sauces that use fermented flavors are one of the most popular expressions to date. However, the process extends to vegetables like okra, carrots, bell peppers, mustard leaves and many more.

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