Color-changing ice cream: A food mood ring?

Calling all online pastry school students! A new innovator of the food world has created an unimaginable edible substance. Some may recognize this frozen dairy product as ice cream, but this is no simple hard-packed product, this is an evolving food. This invention is a color-changing ice cream called Xameleon.

The chilly dessert changes its outer shell when taken from its frozen vessel, sending shock and awe through the minds and mouths of millions. It has yet to hit the broader market, given that the product’s patents are still in the process of being accepted, but hopefully soon we will all be able to enjoy it.

Magical ice cream
Now, why is it not called food mood cream? Good question, this product does resemble those ever-popular mood rings of the 1990s, but it may be a sticky situation to try and  get this product to learn your inner thoughts. The product changes color as a result of heat application, but you don’t need to touch in order to get this process going. As a video posted by the creator shows, the ice cream only needs to sit out in a warm room a few minutes for its exterior to change. At the moment, the product has the ability to change from blue to purple, or what some think of as pink.

Manuel Linares, the inventor of the product, claims that not only is the ice cream a superhero of food, it’s also all natural. Linares came up for the idea for the product while taking an ice cream-making class in Barcelona. Though he is a professional chef, Linares understands the science behind food because of his background in physics and engineering. Thanks to his wide range of interests, we now have color-changing ice cream. Willy Wonka would be proud.

“As a physicist I know that there are various possibilities that might work and I was delighted when I managed to crack it and create an ice cream that changes color,” Linares told the UK Daily Mirror.

Not only does this ice cream defy logic, but it also tastes great. Linares described the flavor as tutti-frutti, a combination of  strawberries, cocoa, almonds, banana, pistachio, caramel and vanilla. He sells it currently at his ice cream shop in Barcelona, and the product seems to be popular with customers. Soon, the ice cream may make its way across the pond to the United States, as Linares is looking for a potential buyer.

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