Bacon Weave S’mores Are Now A Reality

It seems like the sandwich will never be the same again. This summer it has been the muse of food fads that play on taste, texture and plating. Food Beast reported on a food blogger who created a twist on a campfire treat.

Nick of Dude’s Foods has caught the fall bug with his bacon weave s’mores food creation. To start, he cuts bacon in half and weaves it in a pattern of three-by-two stripes. He then incorporates the classic Hershey’s chocolate and marshmallows combination, and the result is a treat that masters salty and sweet.

While this may seem like playing with food, it stems from a passion and appreciation. Many cuisines, like Thai food, are built on layering flavors to touch multiple senses. They work to incorporate sweet items like a peanut sauce into their savory dishes. It’s the same concept, and the creation process is often why people join the culinary field. To understand the dimensions of a dish, attend an online culinary arts program to hone your chops and be the mastermind behind the next food trend.

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