Alternative Ways To Make Your Next Burger

In October 2015, the World Health Organization reported that the consumption of processed and red meats could lead to cancer, sending meat-eating Americans into a frenzy. Though there has been plenty of clarification since, stating that Americans should just minimize their consumption of these meats, there is no harm in knowing some alternative ways to enjoy a burger. With so many delicious meats and meat alternatives out there, why limit yourself to only putting ground beef on a burger bun? If you’re looking to experiment in your online cooking courses, or just want to change up a meal that you’ve tired out, check out these delicious beef-less burgers:

Do you still want meat?

  • Turkey: Turkey burgers are a given when it comes to alternative burger options. This meat is best for people who are trying to cut down on red meat, but don’t want something too strange.
  • Salmon: Fish doesn’t have to just be served in steak form. Salmon has the perfect flavor to adapt to whatever you like to dress your burgers with. If you want to stick with a fish taste, try mixing your fish with lemon juice and dill.
  • Pork: Try using ground pork instead of ground beef for a Hawaiian-themed burger. Add some grilled pineapple and soy or teriyaki sauce to spice thing up.
  • Crab: Crab cakes don’t just have to be a wedding menu delicacy. Make your own crab patties and put them on a bun along with roasted tomatoes and lemon butter miso.
  • Lamb: Try a gyro in the form of a burger. For a Greek-themed burger, top your ground lamb patties with spinach, red onion and feta cheese.

Looking for a veggie alternative?

  • Quinoa: It’s easy to make a quinoa burger crispy and delectable when you cook it on the grill. Try topping your quinoa burger with caramelized onions or give it a Southwest twist with black beans and corn.
  • Portobello mushrooms: The cool thing about Portobello mushrooms and their umbrella-like caps, is that they fit perfectly on top of a hamburger bun. Grill them just as you would meat patties and top with your favorite burger fixings.
  • Tofu: Tofu is the classic meat substitute. As long as you use extra-firm tofu, it’ll stay together on the grill and you won’t even miss meat on your barbecue burger.
  • Chickpeas: The texture of chickpeas make for a great burger. They can be grilled or fried in a pan, and since the flavor is so mild, chickpea patties can be made with any add-ins you like.
  • Sweet potato: Sweet potatoes have their place as side dishes, in pies and even in burgers. Who said a burger couldn’t be sweet and savory at the same time?
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