A dash of salt and a splash of beer

If you’re looking into cooking classes or culinary school online, you’re probably excited to learn more about the process of creating gourmet dishes or preparing recipes from world renowned chefs. And like many things in life, chefs know that cooking can be enhanced by the presence of beer. Enjoying your favorite brew while cooking your favorite recipe may be fun, but why not try adding a splash of your libation into the bowl? Cooking with beer can go beyond adding some Guinness to your beef stew, but it can be difficult to know what type of beer will be best for your recipe.

Cooking with ales
Beer can be categorized into two types: ales and lagers. Pale ales, stouts, wheat beers and porters are all common types of ales. And although they’re similar, ales certainly aren’t all brewed the same. Wheat beers are cloudy and unfiltered and have a light citrus flavor. Woman’s Day magazine reported these types of beers are best for chicken or seafood dishes. Stouts and porters are heavier beers and both work well with heavier items, like stews or chocolate desserts, the magazine also stated. Shy away from cooking with pale ales, particularly of the IPA variety, Food Network warns. IPAs are great for a liquid palate, but they can be too bitter to add to your recipes.

Cooking with lagers
Two types of lager are most often used for cooking: pilsners and bocks. A pilsner is a lighter beer and can be great when used in Irish soda bread. While the Irish seem to have perfected the art of adding beer to their food, the malty concoctions can be used in a variety of cultural dishes. Though it’s good in dense breads, Food Network also noted the pilsner’s refreshing zing, making it compatible with spicy Asian dishes or Italian fish plates, like mussels. Pilsners are a little more versatile than bock beers which are dark and malty with hints of caramel notes. They work well when caramelizing foods or when added to maple recipes.

Be sure to get creative when cooking with beers and don’t be scared to add other libations into your recipes. Wine takes the cake as the founding father of putting alcohol in food, but whiskeys and vodkas certainly have their place. Some other great recipes that incorporate adult beverages include beer can chicken and Irish car bomb cupcakes!

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