Cake Assembly

So you’ve done all the measuring, sifting, mixing, baking and cooling. What now? If it was up to you, you’d stack and fill layer after beautiful layer of cake until your cake stood as a one foot tall masterpiece of the pastry arts, right? But since that’s most likely not going to happen, sticking to a couple layer cake can still be a bit of a pain to make sure everything comes out smoothly as your prep for decorating. Cakes don’t often bake level so knowing how to even them out, fill them, ice them and smooth them out is more than most knew they could handle. Believe me, you can. It’s not as hard as it might seem to be. Plus, we can’t help but claim that layered cakes just have a way of not only looking better but also tasting better. Maybe it’s all that extra icing.

In this online pastry course, we are showing you how to layer, fill and ice a cake. Watch out, because there’s a new Cake Boss in town and that person is you!


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