5 Ways to Use Chicken Stock

Making your own chicken stock is easy, and you can use it to prepare a wide range of fantastic dishes. Whether you’ve just prepared a whole pot or just have a have a cup frozen in a baggie, there are plenty of possibilities. Take advantage of what you’ve learned from online culinary school to craft a great meal with that concentrated flavor.

1. Soup’s on
Of course, the most obvious way to use stock is by making a soup. If you want to try something a little different from the traditional noodles and carrots, the Food Network’s Tyler Florence provided a simple recipe for egg drop soup. You’ll boil the chicken stock with soy sauce and grated ginger. Then, mix in a slurry made from flour and two tablespoons of stock. Once the soup thickens, bring the heat down to a simmer and pour in a couple lightly beaten eggs. Add chopped green onions and seasoning, and this Asian-inspired appetizer is ready to enjoy.

2. Prepare a stew
If you prefer something more substantial than soup, you can make chicken stock part of a warm, satisfying stew. The Guardian suggested a meatball goulash with dumplings. The sauce requires stock, as well as olive oil, onions, a green or red pepper, paprika, caraway seeds, tomatoes and salt. After the dumplings and meatballs simmer for 45 minutes to an hour in this mixture, you’ll have a delicious main course.

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3. Cook rice
Rice and other grains like risotto, quinoa, farro or buckwheat can be cooked using water. However, you’ll add a great deal of flavor by opting for stock instead. As Bon Appetit explained, the grain absorbs most of the cooking liquid, infusing it with great taste before you add any further sauce or seasoning. That said, some herbs and aromatics can also take the grain to the next level. Try peppercorns, thyme and a bay leaf.

4. Braise meat
Chicken stock also contributes plenty of flavor when you are stewing meat as part of a braising process. Emeril Lagasse shared directions for braised chicken thighs with Martha Stewart, calling for three cups of chicken stock. After you’ve browned the meat in the pan, you’ll slowly cook it while covered, along with a combination of onions, garlic, herbs and the stock.

5. Mix an easy pan sauce
You can make a tasty pan sauce for any dish that leaves behind caramelized pieces in the pan. That means it’s a great choice when you’re preparing chicken, steak or seared vegetables. Stock is an important element of the sauce, imparting both taste and body. According to the Kitchn, you should first deglaze the pan with red wine or another alcohol and reduce. Then, pour in the stock and reduce the sauce again. Finish it off by whisking in two tablespoons of butter or cream.

Want to try out one of these recipe ideas, but you don’t have any stock on hand? Go ahead and use the store-bought box. Just keep in mind that your own stock will have greater body and improved taste.

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