5 essential baking hacks

It takes a certain kind of expertise to be a baker. It’s often a matter of knowing how certain ingredients react to one another and gaining experiences through countless cookie and cake recipes. Yet, mastering this art is entirely possible, especially when it comes to relying on a few simple hacks from our online pastry arts class instructors. Here is a guide that makes any baking project easy as pie.

A cleaner beater
Using a beater is a great way to save time and effort. However, these devices can often make a mess out of your kitchen. The solution? The Food Network suggested placing a paper plate between the bowl and the mixers to catchy any flying bits. This is done by piercing the plate with the ends of mixers before inserting into mixing device. When done, pull the mixers out and scrape the chunks back into the bowl, which cuts down on waste.

Warm up the sugar 
Infrequent use can sometimes cause sugar to clump together, which affects the overall taste and quality, noted Craftsy.com. To get the freshest ingredient possible and to avoid tossing anything out, heat up the sugar beforehand, either in 20-second intervals in the microwave or at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for five minutes in the oven. Warming up the sugar has the same kind of power as stirring and requires less physical effort.

Don’t toss those burnt cookies
There is perhaps no greater kitchen accident than burnt cookies. There is, however, a way to save almost any cookie, according to The Downtown Dish.) If the damage is all on the bottom, where it mostly commonly will be, use a box grater or a zester to remove the burnt areas. You could also trim the burnt edges and then use them in another recipe, like as a nice topping for ice cream or yogurt.

Frosting ideas
Though frosting often makes or breaks a cupcake, it’s often one of the more time-consuming baking steps. Save yourself precious minutes by letting the oven do the work. A few minutes before the recipe is done, place a marshmallow or a dab of peanut butter on the cupcakes, Minq.com recommended. It’s just enough time and heat to melt the ingredients and thoroughly coat those spongy delights.

If you have decided to frost, save money by not buying expensive colored options and make your own homemade mixture. Just combine vanilla frosting and a Jell-O flavor packet.

Homemade whipped cream
Like frosting, making whipped cream at home can be somewhat labor intensive. Avoid all that exhaustive stirring by making it inside a mason jar. Just pour the sugar and whipping cream in a jar, seal it shut and shake it loosely for 10-15 minutes. Not only are you streamlining the entire process, but there’s still a free hand for cleaning up or to finish baking.

No doubt these hacks will come in handy when you enroll in culinary academy.

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