4 Ways To Use Beer In Cooking

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Food and drink have always gone together. Some restaurants offer wine pairing suggestions, and a cup of coffee is often the cap to a hearty meal. Not only do food and drink go well together, you can actually incorporate your favorite drink into your recipe. Whether or not you’re an avid beer lover,  you may enjoy some great dishes that include an IPA, stout, lager or other beverage. While attending culinary school online, work on a few ‘spirited’ techniques of your own by trying these recipes:

1. Chili
Chili is a dish many favor for it’s simplicity in preparation. Simply sauté your aromatics and meat, add vegetables and beans, throw in your secret spice mixture then just sit back and let it simmer in broth. Next time you make a big pot of this home-style favorite, try adding beer into the stock. Choose a drink you enjoy on its own and you’re sure to like it in the chili. The size of the chili pot should determine how much beer you use. Half a can or bottle is good for 4 quarts of chili. The best part is that you can drink the rest while cooking.

2. Battered and fried
Beer battered fish is a well-known and much-loved recipe that you may have tried before. However, you can take the principle and apply it to other foods. For example, use beer batter on asparagus and pair it with a sweet and spicy chipotle sauce. Mushrooms are another vegetable that taste great when fried in a beer batter.

3. Bread
Beer bread is another standard in the marriage between food and beverage. It’s also incredibly simple, containing only four ingredients. Combine flour, beer, butter and sugar and bake for about an hour at 375 degrees. This can be served toasted with butter or sliced thin for sandwiches. Be warned, however, beer bread is very heavy.

4. Braised and simmered
Any meat you braise can be cooked in beer. Try a beer-braised chicken that includes sausage and vegetables. After you’ve browned the chicken in a dutch oven, combine the vegetables, sausage, a little flour to thicken and beer. Let it simmer in the pot until it’s cooked through.

Bratwurst is a griller’s favorite that can be simmered in beer. The beer bath will do most of the cooking, and you can add your favorite spice mixture during this stage. Throw the brats on the grill to brown and crisp . The beer adds a nice depth of flavor that complements the meat.

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