You think you’re hungry, but maybe you’re not

Feelings of hunger come when we’ve been sleeping, in the middle of the day and sometimes even at night. But that gnawing notion in your stomach is not always your body saying you should eat. Hunger can actually be triggered by other things. Here are a few:

You’re dehydrated
When you’re dehydrated, your body may give you a feeling in your gut like you’re hungry. You may also have a headache or even muscle cramps. If you’re pretty sure you’re not actually hungry but still feel like it, grab an 8 ounce glass of water and drink it. If you still feel the same way 10 minutes later, you may be hungry for real, so have a little snack.

You need sleep
When you aren’t well rested, your brain searches for ways to get energy. Not only will your eyelids droop mid-morning, you will likely also experience major food cravings. These cravings may come out of nowhere or start because of a wonderful smell coming from the break room. Often this craving is for sugary foods. Sweet items provide a rise in blood sugar that gives you energy. Unfortunately, that rush won’t last. Your body will quickly burn off the sugary food and you will be even more tired than you were before. If you’re involved in the baking and pastry arts, try to keep your sweet homework out of reach until after eating a real meal. This way you will still get the long-term nourishment you need and then can grab some dessert.

You’re seeing something delish
As a foodie, you probably have a lot of foodie friends. And we all know what that means… oodles of Instagram posts that feature yummy dishes! When you see a seriously good-looking meal, you’re likely to find yourself feeling hungry. Not only that, your mouth may start watering as the rewards part of your brain is activated.

You may need to try something different
When you’re a student attending culinary arts programs, you spend your day making amazing foods. When you get home, you might not have the energy to make yourself something creative for dinner, so you end up reaching for similar items day after day. Maybe you often eat the same pasta or you always have a turkey sandwich for lunch. A lack of variety in your diet can make you hungry. This is your body’s way of saying you need to mix it up and get some different nutrients.

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