Winter Produce You Have To Look Forward To

Many chefs and people with their culinary certificates find themselves mourning the end of the summer because it becomes difficult to find some of the most savory produce. After all, when fall rolls around, getting fresh and delicious veggies isn’t as simple as just going to your local farmers’ market. However, the season certainly has its own delectable produce, perfect for savory, autumnal comfort food. Here are some of the vegetables you have to look forward to the next couple of months:

“Fresh beets taste best in late fall and early winter.”

Whether you like your beets raw or pickled, the best time to purchase these root vegetables is in the late fall and early winter. The great thing about them is that you can use both the root and the greens in your cooking. Try this beet and rye panzanella from Bon Appetit with the vegetable itself, or this spicy crostini from The Daily Meal with the greens.

Many farmers believe carrots are best harvested when the days are still warm, but the nights are cool. In most areas of the country, that’s in the late summer and early fall. The carrot’s flavor will be best when the vegetable is the most vibrant. This fall, try this roasted carrot recipe from the New York Times in place of your go-to french fry recipe.

Fennel’s vibrant flavor makes for a good side dish, but its leaves also make a tasty herb for all of your fall dishes. Luckily, it has a long season, reaching from fall to early spring. Though it’s available in stores year-round, you may find that fennel purchased in the summer has more of a bitter taste, rather than the sweet licorice taste you’re used to. Try this roasted fennel and tomato recipe from the Food Network with the vegetable itself, and season your roast with the leaves.

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