Make Your Salads More Exciting

There’s not much sadder than eating a bland salad for lunch at your desk. However, your salads don’t have to be boring. While it’s true that the words “exciting” and “salad” have rarely been uttered in the same sentence, here are some tips to change that. Read on for ways to spice up your salads for a lunch you’ll look forward to eating:

Salads are a great way to get creative with seasonal ingredients.

Add something sweet

It’s a common misconception that salad add-ins should have a savory flavor, but that isn’t always the best route for someone with a sweet tooth. If you prefer your meals with a little something sweet, you can always add some fruit to the mix. Try a salad with strawberries and candied nuts, or tossing in some peaches and goat cheese. This is also a great way to motivate people who don’t necessarily like salads to try a meal that’s a little healthier.

Change the base
Do you think lettuce tastes like crunchy water? Try another green like kale, arugula or spinach. Not only do these greens have more flavor than your traditional iceberg lettuce, but they’re also packed with more nutrients. Paleo Leap even suggests leaving the leafy greens out of the equation completely, opting for tomatoes or cucumbers to be the main attraction in the dish. Try a caprese salad with fresh tomatoes, basil, mozzarella cheese and your favorite balsamic dressing.

Go with a theme
Give your salad some life by choosing ingredients that complement each other, rather than just chopping whatever vegetables you have in the house. This is a great way to get some use out of leftovers as well. If you had tacos for dinner and have ground beef, tomatoes, and roasted corn left over, toss it on top of a salad. If you barbecued last night, you can put shredded ribs and baked beans on your salad as well. Experiment with making your meals into salads and you’ll find your favorites!

Plump it up
If you find that you’re still hungry after eating a full-sized salad for lunch, you probably need to add more substantial ingredients to it. Many people opt for eggs, meat, or nuts for some protein, but you can also use fillers like brown rice or quinoa to make your salad a little more filling. Try using flavored rice to give it some extra zest as well.

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