Wine and Dessert Pairing Suggestions

Restaurants, magazines and experts all have recommendations of food and wine pairings, and blending the drink with dessert is just another way to enjoy dining. More home cooks, entertainers and chefs are sharing their ideas on how to match the complex flavors of wine with their favorite treats. As a student of an online baking program, you’re sure to have the skills to follow this trend. Here are some ideas of wine and dessert pairings to use at your next get together:

Dark chocolate and pinot noir
Pinot noir grapes typically grow in the Burgundy or Champagne regions of France, and they can be rather fickle. This red wine can have a fruity yet dark spiced flavor with floral aromas, while other varieties are light and herbal. Choose a bottle with cherry, raspberry or currant flavors that finishes with your preference of scent. These tastes will complement dark chocolate perfectly.

You also have some choices for dark chocolate. Consider chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate mousse or rich brownies.

Riesling and apple pie
The grapes that produce this white wine can be found in several places throughout the world, including Germany and Austria. Choose a bottle from a German or American winery to get notes of apple and honeysuckle, which will pair perfectly with your pie. Of course, other riesling varieties will also work well. For example, some bottles have peach, citrus and floral tastes.

Bake your apple pie using your favorite recipe and consider serving it a la mode. The sweet taste of apple and vanilla ice cream will be divine with a glass of riesling.

Shiraz and toffee nut cake
Shiraz is a popular grape that produces a spicy red wine. You can find varieties with toasted nut, black cherry and pepper flavors. The finish will be smooth and the texture just right, making it a perfect fit for a spiced toffee nut cake.

Bake the cake with cinnamon and ginger and top it with toasted nuts and caramel sauce. The flavors of your dessert will bring out the complex notes within the shiraz.

Muscat and Greek yogurt panna cotta
Muscat, moscato in some regions, comes in many varieties, from sweet and spicy to dry and buttery. Pick a medium-bodied wine with floral notes to pair with your dessert. Make a panna cotta out of Greek yogurt and top it with honey and apricot. This delicate treat is sweet but subtle and can easily be overpowered by some wines. However, a good muscat will enhance the flavor of the panna cotta rather than overwhelming it.

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