Whole Salmon Butchery

 in Demos

Get ready to get your hands dirty. If you’ve always longingly eyed the whole fish at the supermarket wishing you knew how to tackle that project, this one is for you. Embrace your inner caveman or cavewoman and learn how to de-head, de-bone, skin and fillet a salmon. Doesn’t that sound like fun? After watching this tutorial, you’ll be able to butcher your choice of other symmetrical fish like swordfish, tilapia and walleye. So, grab your sharpest knives, some plastic gloves (for the less bold) and learn how to slice up your very own fish.

After watching this online cooking class tutorial, you’re ready to tackle the whole thing. Then you have the perfect excuse to throw a backyard fish fry so you can display your awesome new skills to amazed onlookers…or your dog.

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