What To Do With All That Eggnog

When it comes to hosting parties, it’s always a better idea to have too much food and drink than not enough for all of your guests. However, when the party is over, all of that extra stuff can be overwhelming for hosts. Luckily, anyone with some creativity and a culinary academy education can think of ways to reinvent those appetizers. What may be a little more challenging is using all of the extra beverages up after a party – namely eggnog. Surprisingly, you can also use this holiday drink in a variety of recipes! Here are some ideas:

“Most milk-based recipes can use eggnog instead.”

Make breakfast: This eggy delight is a great substitute for milk in a variety of breakfast dishes, like waffles and pancakes. If you’re feeling wild you can even substitute the milk with eggnog in your egg mixture when making French toast with the leftover loaves of bread that you used on your charcuterie plates this holiday season. In fact, eggnog can be substituted into most recipes that call for a good portion of milk – see what options you like best!

Eggnog cookies

Add it to beverages: Surely, if you’re an eggnog fan, you’ve tried Starbucks’ featured holiday latte. While making a latte without a milk steamer at home can be tricky, you can still bring the spirit of the season to your daily cup of java by adding eggnog to your coffee instead of creamer or milk. Try adding it to your cinnamon tea or even your morning smoothie as well. While eggnog is surely delicious its own, it can taste overwhelming after a few days of drinking it consistently. Adding it to drinks with a different primary flavor is a good way to subdue it.

Bake with it: Just like you can add eggnog to any breakfast dish or beverage that originally called for milk or cream, the same goes for your baked goods. Try making this loaf cake from The Kitchn or baking some cupcakes for your upcoming New Year’s Eve shindig. Since eggnog is quite a bit denser than milk, any baked good that utilize it will also be denser than if it were made with milk. This is why loaf cakes or scones are always a good choice – these items are already pretty heavy!

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