Incorporating Eggnog Into Your Holiday Baked Goods

Eggnog is a seasonal delight many people look forward to every year. But this creamy, flavorful beverage is good for more than just sipping. Online culinary students can show off their new skills by incorporating eggnog into their favorite holiday desserts.

Here are a few excellent eggnog recipes to try this holiday season:

Eggnog doughnuts with eggnog rum glaze

Baked doughnuts are a delicious break from the traditional pies and cookies seen on many family’s tables. This recipe from Home in the Finger Lakes finds a way to incorporate eggnog into their baked doughnuts as well as the glaze on top:

Begin by whisking together your flour, sugar, baking powder, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt. In another bowl, whisk an egg, eggnog, oil and vanilla. Then, stir your wet ingredients into your dry ingredients. Spoon the batter into a doughnut mold and bake at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for about 7 minutes. Let them cool on a wire rack.

While the doughnuts are cooling, mix your glaze. Combine eggnog and rum with powdered sugar until you get a consistency you like. When the doughnuts are cool, dip them into the glaze, or portion it out atop the desserts.

Eggnog can spice up your doughnuts.Eggnog doughnuts puts a seasonal spin in a year-round favorite.

Eggnog cinnamon rolls

Cinnamon rolls are a pull-apart breakfast favorite, and a holiday twist is perfect for making these treats seasonal. Half Baked Harvest suggests adding eggnog and white chocolate chips to your cinnamon roll recipe to add a unique flavor your family will love:

First, activate your yeast with sugar and warm water in a stand mixer. Within 10 minutes, your yeast should be foamy and doubled in size. Stir in melted butter, warm eggnog, Greek yogurt and eggs. Next, add flour, salt and vanilla – extract, beans or both. Knead the dough until it’s smooth and forms a ball. Transfer it to an oiled bowl to let rise for about an hour. It’s done when it has doubled in size.

When the dough is ready, turn it out onto a floured surface and roll into a rectangle that’s about 24 inches by 9 inches. Cover the surface with butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and white chocolate chips. Gently press the mixture into the dough, but not too hard.

Carefully roll up the dough from the longer side of the rectangle so it forms a log about 24 inches long. Keep it tight so you’ll end up with a nice swirl at the end. Pinch the edge to create a seal.

Now, it’s time to slice your cinnamon rolls. You could use a knife, but Half Baked Harvest suggests using dental floss instead to prevent squashing your rolls as you slice in. If you use this method, try using an unflavored floss.

Place the log on top of your floss, then pull the strings up and around the log. Cross them and pull tight until it slices off one roll. Regardless of your cutting method, aim for rolls between 0.75 and 1 inch thick.

When all your rolls are sliced and ready, place them in a greased pan and cover them with a damp cloth. Let them rise for about a half-hour, or until doubled in size. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 25 minutes or until they’re golden brown.

While your rolls are baking, make the frosting. Mix together cream cheese, melted white chocolate and butter until the mixture is smooth and creamy. Add powdered sugar, eggnog and vanilla, then whisk. Spread it across your rolls when you take them out of the oven, and it’s time to dig in.

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