Up Your Pancake Game

Is there anything more delightful than waking up on a lazy Sunday morning and enjoying a nice, tall stack of pancakes and a piping hot cup of coffee? Probably not. That is, unless you step up your pancake game. Sure, a box of mix can go a long way when you’re hungry and in a hurry, but why limit yourself when you have that Sunday morning leisure time? Try one of these pancake recipes when you feel like treating yourself:

Chocolate chip pumpkin
While fall is when pumpkin becomes the hot flavor of the moment, you can actually purchase pumpkin puree year-round. These chocolate chip pumpkin pancakes from Spoon University are perfect in any weather but especially when you’re craving those taste of fall. Complete with cinnamon and nutmeg, these pancakes are the perfect comforting breakfast.

Chai spice
Chai is one of the most popular teas. A little bit spicy and a little bit sweet, it’s no wonder Joy the Baker realized how delicious it would be in a stack of pancakes. The recipe utilizes some brewed tea but takes it to the next level by adding cinnamon, cardamom, ground cloves, ginger and peppercorn to the mix as well. You can drink your tea and eat it too!

Pancakes are only a breakfast dish-they can be dessert too!

Dr. Pepper
The great thing about this Dr. Pepper pancake recipe from Good to Know is that you can use any type of soda you’d like. Taking your go-to pancake recipe and replacing the milk with your favorite pop, you can make the perfect dessert pancakes. Good to Know suggests topping the pancakes with ice cream or sugar, but some whipped cream would be great as well. Don’t mask the great fizzy flavor with syrup!

Lemon ricotta
What sounds more elegant than lemon ricotta pancakes? These pancakes from the Food Network pair fabulously with tea. The recipe uses lemon juice as well as zest for a subtle citrus flavor. You can garnish your short stack with some lemon curd, fresh berries and powdered sugar. It’s the perfect amount of sweet.

Cherry vanilla
Not many things complement each other better than the sweetness of vanilla and the tartness of cherries. The great thing about these pancakes from How Sweet It Is is that you don’t even need fresh cherries to make them. Made with frozen cherries and vanilla beans, you can serve these pancakes for breakfast on their own or top them with a vanilla glaze and serve them for dessert. No matter what you decide, we’re sure it won’t be the only time you make these sweet treats.

Apple cider
Similar to the soda pancakes, these Apple Cider pancakes from Sincerely, Kinsey simply trade the milk for apple cider. However, to give these pancakes the spicy flavor that so perfectly pairs with the taste of apple, mix some nutmeg, cinnamon and brown sugar into your confection as well. Try serving these with maple syrup or even topped with some apple cinnamon pie filling.

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