The Minnesota State Fair is foodie heaven

Americans are naturally proud of the esoteric meals produced in their hometowns and distinct regions. State fairs are a common seasonal celebration of a locale’s most coveted items, a time when communities gather to share the best music, culture and food representing their place in the United States. The Minnesota State Fair has captured this idea impeccably, showcasing culinary wonders that will leave the most composed chef demanding more. Whether it’s perennial go-to favorites or new experimental dishes, the Minnesota State Fair pretty much rocks the Midwest’s culinary landscape. Taking place over 12 days between Aug. 21 and Sept. 1, The Minnesota State Fair showcases foods that will definitely make you want to master the art of cooking festival-style fare. Here are some of the Minnesota State Fair’s most delectable foods and drinks:

Bacon-wrapped everything
Leave it to Midwesterners to come up with a great idea like a bacon-wrapped turkey leg. A giant drumstick seems like a classic state fair food, but surround it with a layer of bacon and you’re in foodie nirvana. If that’s not enough for you, the fair also offers up bacon-wrapped corn on the cob, which you can count as your veggies for the day (sort of).

Carl’s Gizmo Sandwiches
A gizmo is kind of like a fancy hybrid sloppy Joe, chili dog and hoagie all in one. Gizmos are made from ground beef and pork, topped with a secret red sauce and mozzarella cheese. Then the whole thing is baked in a hoagie bun. Carl’s Gizmo Sandwiches hits both the Iowa and Minnesota state fairs every year.

Giggles’ S’More Beer
Giggles Campfire Grill is located on the northwest corner of the fairgrounds and continually proves to be a point of pilgrimage for craft beer lovers. This year, Giggles introduced a s’more beer, i.e., a chocolate porter complete with marshmallows and a s’more rim around the glass.

Deep Fried Buckeyes
Buckeyes are the classic combination of peanut butter and chocolate rolled into a ball. Now imagine these traditional treats being deep fried in funnel cake batter, then sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with strawberry sauce. This delicious concoction is made by Spaghetti Eddie’s, and though it’s not the most healthy food in the world, it’s a dessert you’ll likely only find at the Minnesota State Fair.

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