The Importance of Pairing Food and Beer

One of the remarkable values of online cooking school is not only learning how to make professional-level food, but also gaining an understanding of how to pair that food with the appropriate beverage. The rise of craft breweries in the United States has provided restaurants with a hodgepodge of new pairing opportunities.

This trend has become popular enough to result in many chefs collaborating directly with breweries to create small batches of beer that complement specific dishes. Also, chefs are paying increasing attention to their beer menus and working more directly with their bar staff to keep these pairings up-to-date. Notably, chefs are creating dishes that go with seasonal rotating beers, and some are utilizing beer more frequently as an ingredient in the dishes they create.

The increasing popularity of diverse beers, varying from ultra-hoppy India pale ales to dark, malty stouts, provides strong food and drink combinations that are in many ways more approachable than traditional wine pairings.

Pairing beer is thereby an continuous challenge for anyone interested in the culinary arts. As breweries continue to develop more complex beers in smaller, exclusive batches, the food prepared to accompany it must be equally esoteric.

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