Student Spotlight – Melissa-Rae Jobin

Meet Melissa-Rae who is a Pastry Arts student with Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy. She is recently taking the online program to advance in her career. To learn more about Melissa-Rae I asked her a few questions about how she began in the field and how her journey through the program is going. Here’s what she had to say!

Melissa rae jobin photoEscoffier: How did you begin working in the field?
Melissa-Rae: I have been working in the culinary field for three years. My first professional culinary encounter was my Culinary Essentials 1 course I took at GASC Technology Center. After graduating (with honors) I started working at Atlas Valley Country Club as a dish washer. Not long after working there I was promoted to Prep Cook where I helped prep dinner items and food for parties/caterings. A few months after working as a Prep Cook, I was promoted to Line Cook. As a line cook I helped put out dinners on the line, my specific duties were the deep fry station, plating and garnishing.

After a year of working at Atlas I moved to Ann Arbor where I started working at Satchel’s BBQ and the University of Michigan Hospital as a contractor for Aramark in the Main Cafeteria. At the BBQ restaurant I was a Prep Cook. At UMH I prepped all my own food and served my own station (the hot bar). Months later I was hired in at The Aut Bar as a Line Cook/Prep Cook. I prepped all the food for dinners and weekend brunch throughout the week. On the weekends, I was the lead brunch cook where I set up the line and opened for brunch. This past May I moved back to my home town and I currently am back at the Country Club where I have been experimenting more with cakes, cupcakes, and many other desserts.

Escoffier: What is your experience like working in a professional kitchen?
Melissa-Rae: I have worked in many kitchens, each different in their own way, but working in a kitchen is the same no matter how different the kitchen may be. I personally, love working in kitchens. It’s where I belong, where I was meant to be. I work great under pressure and running around a kitchen just gives me such a rush. I’m very passionate about the Culinary Arts.

Escoffier: What inspired you to join Escoffier Online?
Melissa-Rae: I decided to look into taking an online Baking and Pastry class so that I could learn more about that side of the field, for I have already dipped my toes into the Cooking side of the field. While searching for online cooking schools, Escoffier popped up in the search engine. I asked a couple questions and next thing I know I’m enrolled!

addiscake1Escoffier: How do you think the program will help you advance in your career?
Melissa-Rae: I just recently got into baking more and experimenting with dessert recipes at Atlas and the customers here love my desserts. I think this program will help me advance in my career by giving me more experience and a greater outlook on the direction I’m going in my career.

Escoffier: What is your favorite part about the program so far?
Melissa-Rae: I love that everyone is so helpful. Sarah and Susie both have contacted me trying to get to know me better and helping me as much as they can in my journey thus far.

Escoffier: What are your plans once you finish the program?
Melissa-Rae: I don’t have a set plan yet, but I know that I’ll continue baking and decorating and eventually I will go to Culinary School in France. I will never stop learning when it comes to the Culinary Arts. The possibilities are endless.

We thank Melissa-Rae for sharing her journey with us! Check out more of our student spotlight stories and student reviews to see why our students chose online training and where they have ended up after completing the online program!

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