Second Kitchen Co-op Now Open In Boulder

Boulder is now home to The Second Kitchen (TSK), a food co-op with 120 members. It opened in early September in the space, formerly called Delilah’s Pretty Good Grocery at 904 College Avenue.

The co-op’s goals are to provide local and organic food for the community. It sources food from a 250-mile radius, and from within the state of Colorado. A few of the vendors located within Boulder are Jacob Spring Farms, Kilt Farms and Farmer John. They stock TSK with duck eggs, produce and wheat flour, respectively. Additionally, it receives goat cheese from Haystack in Longmont and millet from Golden Prairie Farms in Eastern Colorado.

As with a typical co-op, Second Kitchen’s members are part owners and have a say in the operational decisions. Additionally, they will be able to purchase discounted food and workshop tickets.

Membership for online cooking school attendees and other students costs $100, with a $25 renewal fee each year. Under membership guidelines, students are required to volunteer at TSK for two and a half hours every month, according to the Boulder County Business Report. A general household membership costs $135, with an annual fee of $35, and monthly working quota. For those who may not have the time to volunteer, a non-working membership is available with a $250 annual membership and $100 registration fee. The store is open to the public, while the online service of pre-distributed ordering is a feature only for members.

Not all TSK food has the USDA organic seal. The co-op manual inspects small farms who may not qualify for certification to ensure they follow proper procedures to be considered 100 percent organic.

This project was initially funded by a Kickstarter campaign that raised $40,000 to help start the business.

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