Dining Out For Lunch More Popular Than Ever

According to Fast Casual, a LivingSocial survey found that the average American eats almost five meals per week in restaurants, but if you’re thinking foodies are booking reservations for dinner, think again.

Lunch is the king of the restaurant industry – including carry out and sit-down meals – encompassing about three of all meals eaten out per week. In a sluggish economy, many foodies, students in international cooking schools and people wanting to eat on-the-go are all looking for a delicious bite that won’t put a dent in their wallets. Although sit-down dinners might get all the buzz in the restaurant world, they only make up about one meal per week.

To keep up with these dining trends, many chefs who have earned culinary certificates have taken notice. According to Serious Eats, prix fixe lunches and midday tasting courses have become a hot trend in New York City, even among some of the city’s high-end restaurants, including Le Perigord. This developing foodie phenomenon is a great for diners, as they can get beautiful dishes from institutions where they might have been on a waiting list for months – all while still reaping the benefits of a great bargain.

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