London Poised To Become Foodie Capital Of The World

British food hasn’t exactly welcomed warm greetings from the culinary world in the past, but ask anyone who has traveled to this metropolitan hub and they will tell you that the landscape for culinary school programs is changing because of what is going on in London.

According to, three of the world’s most well-respected restaurateur teams are setting their sights across the pond, including the self-proclaimed “demon chef” Alvin Leung, New York’s Keith McNally and father-daughter duo Juan Mari and Elena Arzak.

After years of being the butt of many jokes between those in the culinary academy, London is eager to set it’s sights on the cuisine of tomorrow, but still wants to maintain it’s signature roots. While celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey have paved the way for international media exposure, a new crop of cooks is willing and waiting to make their mark in the restaurant business.

“I love how cosmopolitan the city is and yet how it preserves clearly defined brushstrokes of Englishness. I love the mix of ancient and modern.” Elena Arzak explained to the source.

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