Rosanna Pansino becomes baking star with YouTube channel

Many people are taking up baking as a hobby, and the culinary art is growing quickly in popularity thanks in great part to online tutorials and sites that focus on creating delicious treats from the simplest cupcake to a complex croquembouche. But for many, it’s more than just a pastime, it’s a career, and staying on top of the new techniques and trends in the industry is one’s lifeblood.  Anyone considering joining a baking program online may want to familiarize themselves with an up-and-coming baking star: Rosanna Pansino.

Pansino is the host of her own YouTube show, “Nerd Nummies.” It started out in 2010 as a humble DIY endeavor that allowed her to embrace her love for baking. As Pansino told Business Insider in June, she began learning the craft as a young child with her grandmother, and as she grew older she began baking for friends and family. But the show was also a way for her to learn to relax in front of the camera for the sake of her acting career.

“I was doing commercials and guest star roles in Los Angeles,” she told the source. “My manager, and fellow YouTuber, Mike Lamond encouraged me to start a YouTube channel as a way to practice speaking, entertaining, and being more comfortable in front of a camera.”

Since that time, the channel has soared to nearly 5.7 million views and 2.2 million subscribers. That makes it the single most popular baking channel on YouTube.

What was her secret to success? Pansino added her own quirky character to her baking. She produces nerd-themed baked goods, and gives tutorials on unique creations such as Angry Birds cupcakes, Princess Peach cobbler, a science beaker cake and space invader chocolates. She even puts wacky spins on classics, such as ninja bread men instead of gingerbread men and chess cake instead of cheese cake. She posts a new video each Tuesday, so there’s a plethora of recipes for her fans to try.

Pansino’s accomplishments are proof that embracing your own unique character is part of a recipe for success in the culinary arts field. But before you can begin to add your own flavor to the mix, you must learn the basics of the practice, from the proper measuring methods to design tactics, and that’s precisely how online baking courses can help you on your journey to culinary success.

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