Recent Food and Fashion Mashups

The worlds of food and fashion have teamed up in recent years with many designers working with culinary experts around the world to create beautiful, and sometimes questionable, wearable food art. From frosting-trimmed dresses to grocery-store runways, ideas for combining high fashion and the ultimate food experience abound. If you are a student taking online culinary courses and love fashion, here are a few of the most striking concepts you can use for inspiration:

Grocerystore runway – At Chanel’s 2014 Fall runway show in Paris during Fashion Week, the models strutted their stuff at the Grand Palais which was transformed into a chic grocery store. Packages labeled with the iconic “C” of the Chanel brand lined makeshift grocery store shelves. The real food items were then donated to the homeless and impoverished people around the city.

Edible design – Agatha Ruiz de la Prada’s food-inspired 2013-2014 line wowed the audience as models hit the catwalk in dresses that explored the characteristics of fruit, like watermelon, kiwi and strawberries. In 2009, Ruiz de la Prada stunned everybody at the Milan Fashion Show when she sent out models wearing larger-than-life sausage-link hats.

Fast food love affair – Fast food-inspired collections have taken the front seat at many fashion shows, like the one Jeremy Scott debuted in his Moschino line held at Milan Fashion Week earlier this year. Scott displayed his affinity for the mother of all fast-food chains, McDonalds, when his models came out in clothes inspired by the restaurant’s employee uniforms and dresses that were made out of giant, but hardly-edible chocolate bars. Accessory designer powerhouse Charlotte Olympia exhibited her love of Chinese food and created a line of handbags that resemble Chinese takeaway boxes.

Gaga for red meat – In 2010, pop sensation Lady Gaga appeared at the MTV Video Music Awards wearing what the media refers to as a meat dress. Gaga wasn’t the first ever in history to wear such shocking food art, but she definitely is the most popular to date. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame preserved it in history when the dress went on display in 2011. Gaga explained after the awards ceremony that her dress was a statement against being silenced in order to maintain the status quo and expressed her contempt for the U.S. military’s don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy.

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