Popular Small Dishes For Labor Day Parties

You might be wondering about creative foods for Labor Day weekend as you continue your online culinary arts certificate program. Practice makes perfect, so you can cook up a storm with these fun dish ideas and practice some culinary school techniques.

Corn on the cob: There are a few ways to make traditional corn on the cob fun and flavorful during a barbecue on Labor Day. Corn is easy to grill, and with added flavors such as mango-habanero butter, hot sauce or chipotle-lime butter, your corn on the cob will have some more character.

Assortment of potatoes: For a side that is a little more filling, prepare some potato-based dishes. Homemade potato chips, potato skins or a garlic potato salad will offer sustenance for the hungriest guests. If you are preparing a baked or stuffed potato, top it off with button or shiitake mushrooms.

Mango Salad: Mangoes are sweet and cool and therefore perfect for a warm summer day. A traditional spinach, arugula and tomato salad will pair well with some pieces of mangos. You can even add some balsamic glaze on top because it complements the spinach.

Skewers: You can use skewers as a savory side dish or a sweet plate. Try multi-colored bell peppers with mushrooms, zucchini and tomatoes for a savory skewer. For dessert, try adding chocolate-covered strawberries, marshmallows, brownie bites and banana pieces on a stick.

For a seafood option, you can prepare shrimp, plum, bell peppers and jalapenos on a skewer and marinade it with a tangy lemon sauce.

Roasted vegetables: Make a handful of roasted vegetable dishes such as portobello mushrooms, zucchini, onions, parsnips and sweet potatoes. Roasted vegetables pair well with pesto sauce or a coconut curry sauce.

Goat cheese dip: For a fun twist to traditional dips, try an avocado and goat cheese spread. Avocados are full of healthy fats and you can also use whole wheat chips. The dip is easy to prepare if you use an electric mixer to combine the avocado, goat cheese and salt.

An alternative to this dip is a Spanish queso de cabra dish. This side is also easy to prepare and requires two main ingredients. Put goat cheese in the center of a bowl and carefully place pasta sauce around the cheese. Then bake in an oven and use garlic bread or chips to pair with the dip.

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