Popsicles & Frozen Fruit: A New Take On A Childhood Favorite

It’s the most unthinkable thing when your taste buds start catching up with your birthdays. You stop and wonder why certain foods that you used to love just don’t have the same zing they used to. Oh, ode to chicken nuggets. But just because your taste might be becoming slightly more “adult” doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the same food. Take popsicles for example. Every now and again, devouring that icy treat can mean the difference between heat stroke and an easy summer afternoon. But if you’re anything like me, sugar becomes more and more of something that makes you feel uneasy rather than breezy. Remember those summer days where you devoured 6 rocket pops in an hour? My stomach says those times are long gone. Not to mention that most of them contain an array of bad food dyes, preservatives and about 0% natural fruit. Lucky for me and you, there’s a plethora of frozen treats for the more health-conscious and sensitive appetite. I mean, who knew that straight up frozen fruit could be as amazingly delicious and equally rewarding as those Sponge Bob Square Pants popsicles? Berries and melons all make for excellent icy indulgences, coconut water rules as a base and I’m pretty sure 7-year-old you wouldn’t recognize the amazingness that is cocktail freezie pops. Mojito, gin and tonic, mint julep…you name it, they’ve got a popsicle recipe for it. In this post, we’ll explore some amazing health conscious alternatives for your frozen summer dessert needs.

478826997Fresh Fruit: A tasty, refreshing and easy as apple pie way to indulge yourself is to simply throw some summer fruit in the freezer. I’m not kidding. Box of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, kiwi, mango, watermelon, they all freeze well. Pop them like candy, mix them in smoothies or use them as ice cubes in your drinks without the whole annoying, watering down thing. Genius, right? The freezing will hold the fruits best part—their flavor and their nutrients. The fun slightly dampens when I saw not ALL fruit freezes well. I’d probably stay away from oranges, lemons and limes, banana can get weird and apple is a no-no. If you feel like you’ve seen it in one of those frozen fruit medley bags, you’re probably good to go. When it comes to the actual freezing process, some are easier than others. Blueberries and raspberries are great as is but strawberries might need to freeze on a cookie sheet first to avoid one giant frozen gloopy mess when they all stick together. Same with any of the melons, kiwi, mango, etc. Be sure to separate and freeze them before adding them to a bag to avoid a potential clumping disaster. Also, the fruit might get weird the longer you leave it in so gobble it up sooner rather than later! Once your food is frozen, the dish is your oyster. You can try a frozen fruit salad recipe, eat it as is, throw it in a mixed drink, or whatever your little healthy heart desires.

178078211Popsicles: Are amazing. The end. But what’s even better about popsicles is that they’re so incredibly easy to make at home. And cheap. You can’t forget cheap. You can put just about anything in them, making them a great use of that leftover produce you’re just not going to get through before it turns. With so many amazing combination options, it’s pretty much fail proof that whatever you make will be scrumptious. Coconut and lime (yum), mango and Greek yogurt (yummier), raspberry and mint (refreshing), cucumber and lemon (cleansing). You also can’t compete with the fact that they can be absolutely gorgeous, making for one seriously awesome addition to your backyard barbecue or summer dinner party. No need to fumble with that cake recipe or turn on the oven in 100 degrees when popsicles can leave your guests happy, healthy and light. Great dessert popsicle ideas include (but are definitely not limited to) strawberry cheesecake, Nutella fudge pops, chai tea, cookies and cream and apricot rice pudding. Or, instead of offering a cup of espresso or coffee at the end of the meal, you can vouch for a caramel coffee-sicle to help pep up your guests and keep the party going. That ABBA themed playlist isn’t going to dance to itself. My personal favorite? Coconut water makes an amazing base and can be combined with just about any fruit. It’s light, delicious and chock full of things that are good for you.  You’ll be hooked.

Poptails: I don’t know how or why I have never even heard of this before, let alone thought of it.  I seriously feel failed by all of my usual recipe sources. OK, now onward with the amazing ideas. It comes down to the fact that pretty much every  single one of your favorite mixed drinks can be made into a frozen, handheld, booze filled popsicle of your wildest desires. Try out some of the oldies but goodies like pina colada, mint julep, strawberry daiquiri and agave nectar margarita or branch out and opt for something new like a savory cocktail recipe. I hear the French 75 one is particularly great on a hot summer day.

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