Perfect Brazilian Desserts For Summer

Some of the tastiest food in the world comes from Brazil and millions of Americans are talking about the richness of the country’s food culture. Not only does Brazilian cuisine have savory dishes of meats and stews, it also features some of the most decadent desserts in the world. If you are a student taking online baking courses, you should know what types of treats Brazilian cuisine has to offer.

The rich and sweet dessert commonly found in Brazilian restaurants is simple to make and is sure to please your guests when you serve it in your home. Traditionally, brigadeiros are made of chocolate, but you can create different types of your own. One special version is the avocado brigadeiros. It is still full of flavor but it comes out green instead of brown. This Brazilian version of the bonbon is rolled in sugar, refrigerated and served cold.

Almost every country with even a limited history of Spanish influence has its own version of flan, the light, sweet, milk and egg custard. In Brazil, chefs use indigenous fruits and vegetables to make their flan. One of the most popular ingredients to use for the custard is the pumpkin. Add a little bit of cinnamon and top it off with shaved coconut for a special twist on a classic dish.

If you are not sure about the flavor of pumpkin in your flan, you can try using pecan instead. Flan made this way is smooth just like regular custard, but at the bottom there is a layer of chopped pecans. How does this happen? During the baking process, the bits of pecan float toward the top and when the flan is unmolded, the pecans end up at the bottom. This creates the delicious crust.

Salted caramel and guava pie
This classic combination of traditional Brazilian desserts is a real crowd-pleaser. It has a touch of sea salt that complements the richness of the caramel filling. The recipe is not that difficult and the ingredients are quite common. All you need are some graham crackers, butter and brown sugar for the crust. For the filling you will need dulce de leche, or caramel filling, sea salt, guava paste, heavy cream and a little bit of powdered sugar for a light topping.

If you enjoy making ingredients at your home, you can produce dulce de leche by taking condensed milk and boiling it with a little bit of water under medium heat.

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