Ombre Colors Revamp Standard Layered Cakes

If you’re enrolled in online baking courses, you may be able to use your newly acquired skills to create culinary works of art. According to U.S. Foods, one of the newest dessert trends for 2013 is creativity. Standard cakes of the past are being revamped from the inside out and making way for baking innovation. Ornate icing patterns and piping work gained popularity during the Food Network’s “Ace of Cakes” era, but now, bakers are looking to the cake itself for inspiration.

A great way to get on board with this trend is to bake an ombre-style cake. According to Woman and Home, ombre describes the graduated color change from light to dark. You’ve probably seen the stunning effect ombre can have on hair dyeing or articles of clothing, and you can easily create the same awe by integrating gradual color change into your baking.

To try this out, start by making a normal layered cake like the one you learned to bake in your online culinary course. However, rather than just separating the batter into separate pans for baking, you will need to stir in different amounts of food coloring into each so that one layer is darker than the next. Pile them in chronological order as you assemble the cake. When you serve it, your guests will be amazed at the unexpected interior.

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