Top Chef Winner Opens Second Restaurant In Chicago

Stephanie Izard, the famed winner of Top Chef Season 4, has received nationwide acclaim from international cooking schools and Chicago foodies alike for her West Loop restaurant, The Girl and the Goat, ever since her dramatic win several years ago.

Now a mainstay in the Windy City’s food scene, Izard has set her sights on a challenging new venture in her career: Opening up a diner. Breakfast hotspots are nothing new in Chicago, so the task is not going to be easy for Izard, seeing as thousands of Chicagoans pour into downtown every morning looking for a satisfying meal before their workdays.

Her new diner, Little Goat, is located is just across the street from it’s big brother in the West Loop, but make no mistake – this new restaurant doesn’t feature your typical fine dining fare. Instead, Izard’s menu puts a modern twist on retro diner classics like tuna melts, French toast and fried chicken.

From the decor to the retro diner gal uniforms, Izard wants to put a spin on a classic piece of the Americana dining experience. This new eatery serves pastries and hot breakfast items in the morning, delicious, towering sandwiches for lunch and fresh-baked bread throughout the day, showcasing Izard’s talent for baking & pastry arts.

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