New UV Sriracha Vodka Released In December

Huy Fong Foods, the creator of the popular Sriracha chili sauce, has teamed up with Phillips Distilling Company to produce a UV Sriracha vodka. Representatives of Phillips announced the launch earlier this month amidst the widely publicized legal troubles surrounding Huy Fong. Chili sauce lovers taking online culinary classes are sure to find this concept appetizing.

Sriracha has influenced nearly every section of the grocery store – there’s Sriracha ice cream sandwiches, lollipops, even Sriracha flavored candy canes. By infusing its latest creation with the same chili, garlic, vinegar and mix of vegetables that give Sriracha its unique flavor, UV vodka is looking to cash in on the chili sauce craze.

Phillips Distributing Company is planning on selling the Sriracha flavored vodka at $12 per bottle. It is being advertised as a great ingredient for those who like their Bloody Marys extra spicy.

The arrival of this new line of vodka is good news for Huy Fong Foods in what could otherwise be described as a disappointing few months. California judge Robert O’Brien recently ruled that the factory that produces the Sriracha sauce be shut down due to complaints of offensive, harmful smells. The ruling forces the factory to stop the portions of the manufacturing process that create the aggressive aromas, although there is no clear indicator as to what that may be.

O’Brien is the same judge that ruled in favor of the sauce company earlier in October after residents of Irwindale filed a restraining order, citing that the odors were the cause of asthma attacks, heartburn and nose bleeds. That motion would have shut down the factory during the length of the legal battle and hurt sales of the chili sauce almost immediately. The company argued that there should be no reason for the plant to close now that the jalapeno harvest season has ended.

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