Manhattan Is Getting Another Food Mega-Market

One benefit of enrolling in online culinary courses is the opportunity to do a lot of home cooking. This allows for personal experimentation and creation in the kitchen using locally sourced ingredients. For those students living in the greater Manhattan area, a new food mega-market courtesy of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain is in the works which promises to provide some really unique and flavorful international ingredients.

Culinary mega-markets are nothing new for Manhattan – the Italian-themed Eataly and the French-inspired Le District planned for Brookfield Place immediately come to mind. However, Bourdain’s project seeks to differentiate itself by looking outside of Europe for its inspiration.

According to the New York Post, Bourdain’s goal is to “introduce Americans to Singapore-style street food.” While the service style may draw inspiration from Singapore, the food itself promises truly international flavor. Bourdain opened up to the Eater about some of his favorite dishes, many of which he hopes to bring to NYC. These international inspirations include Mexican street tostadas, Chinese dai pai dong and la Boqueria in Barcelona.

Speculation is already underway regarding the location of the superstore; possible guesses include 3 World Trade Center and Hudson Yards, but no set location has been announced. The Post reported that Bourdain, who became a household name through his television programs “No Reservations” and  “Parts Unknown,” will be partnering with WiNK Retail Group CEO Stephen Werther on the project.

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