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Escoffier Student Interview

christa ruvoloEscoffier Online sat down with Christa Ruvolo, one of their online culinary arts students, to discuss her journey and experiences throughout the program, and how the program is helping her to succeed as a business professional within the restaurant & culinary industries. Christa is a restaurant manager who, before enrolling in Escoffier Online, knew that an onsite campus was out of the question for her, both financially and time-wise. However, she knew there was more she still needed to learn, even after being in the restaurant industry for many years, and really wanted to find a credible opportunity that could help to improve her skills.

After learning about Escoffier Online, Christa began exploring the online culinary program, which she found to be the opportunity she needed to one day advance her career; she could grow her skill-sets, while also receiving the level of certification many employers require when hiring and/or promoting employees. Christa enrolled in the program in June 2012.

Today, Christa’s journey is almost completed, and she will soon become a coveted Escoffier Online graduate! Christa wanted to share her journey and the experiences that have helped her succeed. Hear her story:

We thank Christa for sharing her journey with us! Check out more of our student spotlight stories and student reviews to see why our students chose online training and where they have ended up after completing the online program!

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