Keeping Up With – Fall Wine, Baking Staples and Fruit

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Tips On Pairing Wine For Fall
Just as fall vegetables inspire chefs to incorporate new produce and spices that are in season, wine pairing needs to be taken into consideration as well. While much of the dialogue coming from the experts is tied into preference, there are a few guidelines to follow. [Read More…]


Chef’s Corner: Baking Staples and Equipment
Escoffier Online’s chefs help answer real cooking questions. Whether if has to do with cooking techniques, recipes or technology questions about our fully online program our chefs are here to help our students! For this Chef’s Corner our chefs help answer questions about baking staples and equipment. [Read More…]


Sweet Or Savory: Exploring The Fig Fruit
The fig is a delicious fruit enjoyed around the world. It lends itself easily to sweet and savory dishes, so it’s no wonder why many chefs love to feature it on their menus. Not too familiar with the fruit? While online cooking school can help you learn more, here is a rundown of what you need to know [Read More…]

Visit The Butcher For A Better Cut Of Meat
When it comes to preparing meals, culinary academy students are well aware of the benefits of high-quality food. By now, you probably know that fresher food equates to healthier and more flavorful meals. However, most people only think about fruits and veggies when shopping at specialty or farmers markets. [Read More…]


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