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How To Make Sangria
In this video, Escoffier Online’s Chef Mark Dowling demonstrates how to make white wine sangria. Sangria is one of the best summer cocktails to keep your party guest refresh on a hot summer day. The great thing about sangria is it is easy to make and you can experiment with all different types of flavors. [Read More…]

A Look Into A Popular Korean Condiment
When you are working toward your online culinary certificate you will come across hundreds of new products that complement the foods you prepare. International spices or sauces may pair well with traditional American dishes if they are used in the correct quantity. Spicy food is common among many Asian cuisines and there are several condiments used to [Read More…]

Hot On The Scene: Peruvian Cuisine
Throughout your online culinary arts courses you will encounter international cuisine that may inspire you to learn about new cooking trends. Peruvian food is gaining popularity in cities across the U.S. and throughout the world. Described by Forbes as a immense mix of global flavors and cooking techniques, Peruvian food displays hints of its Japanese, Spanish, Andean [Read More…]

In The Kitchen With Escoffier Online – How To Cook Lobster Tail
In the kitchen with Escoffier Online connects you with real chefs answering the world’s cooking questions one video at a time. In this video series, Chef Mark Dowling gives an online cooking lesson on how to cook lobster tail. [Read More…]

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