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Bombe Ceylan Pastry Demo
Check out Chef Susie’s pastry demo! Chef will demonstrate how to make Bombe Ceylan step-by-step. [Click here for recipe and video…]

Macaroon Vs. Macaron
While many believe macarons are a French delicacy, they actually originated in Italy around 1533. King Henry II’s wife was Italian and introduced the dessert to the country. There is often confusion over American macaroons and French macarons among consumers. While these sweet treats can be found in bakeries, at summer parties or even made [Read More…]

How To Make A Pisco Sour
Escoffier Online’s Chef Mark Dowling demonstrates how to make a pisco sour with mango. This delicious mango pisco sour is made with chunks of frozen mango, available year round. If you prefer to add froth to this drink then add egg whites, this is a characteristic of pisco sours. [Click here for recipe and video…]

Hot Cocoa Improves Memory In Seniors
Nowadays, people seem to crave gourmet versions of everything – cupcakes, popcorn, donuts and coffees. You name it and chances are that someone will crave it. A study in the latest issue of the journal Neurology will have culinary school students working on their gourmet hot chocolate recipes. Researchers at the Harvard School of Medicine found [Read More…]

Student Spotlight – Jolene Wilson
Meet Jolene who is a Pastry Arts student with Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy. Hi my name is Jolene Wilson, I’m a pastry lover and a student of Escoffier Online. I am currently enrolled in the pastry program, seeking out a dream of being a pastry chef. [Read More…]

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