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The Cronut Creator Is At It Again
Being the creator of something that takes the country by storm doesn’t always point to a long career in the spotlight. Athletes, musicians and actors have all fallen into the trope of becoming an overnight celebrity only to fade out of the spotlight and forever be remembered as a one-hit-wonder. Culinary academy students who have [Read More…]

Chef’s Corner: Cooking Oil
Escoffier Online’s chefs help answer real cooking questions. Whether if has to do with cooking techniques, recipes or technology questions about our fully online program our chefs are here to help our students! For this Chef’s Corner our chefs help answer your cooking oil questions. [Read More…]

Plate Like An Escoffier Student
Our Escoffier Chef Mentors are proud to announce the beginning of a monthly, friendly competition around student pictures. To encourage creative plating and culinary excellence, our mentors will be selecting one outstanding plating photo from each of the full programs, Culinary Fundamentals and Baking and Pastry at the beginning of each [Read More…]

Understanding The Flavor Profile Of Umami
Salty, sweet, bitter and sour foods are all easy to identify. But what does someone call a compound of rich, well-rounded flavors? That is where the Japanese-coined umami comes in to describe the fifth taste element. What does umami taste like? When considering its characteristics, think of a well-balanced savory dish. How does someone develop umami? [Read More…]

Meet Your Mentor – Chef Cesar Herrera
With our culinary and pastry programs being 100% online we think it is important for you to learn about our chefs. Escoffier Online wants you to meet your chef mentor, Chef Cesar Herrera. Hear from other Escoffier Online Mentors! [Read More…]

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